Eight Bells Ltd.

Eight Bells Ltd. is an independent Research and Consulting company specializing in selected parts of Information
and Communication Technologies (ICT) as well as in modelling and analysis for businesses, based in Nicosia, Cyprus. The company
was established in 2016 by ICT researchers and market analysts pursuing the application of their research expertise and innovations
in the ICT related arena.
The main areas of research and technical expertise are customizable solutions that enhance modern communications relevant to
the area of 5G Mobile Technology, Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and management solutions for Cloud infrastructures. The
company also has a strong background in hardware design and embedded software development comprising a large set of custom
solutions focused in modern IoT applications.
In the consulting domain, 8BELLS delivers special advisory services in ICT that help our clients understand the market dynamics
and profit from the ever-changing landscape. Working side by side with our clients allows us to better understand their business
requirements and using a data-driven approach we create tailor-made solutions to support them. From identifying a new investment
opportunity, through to evaluating, implementing and distributing it, 8BELLS can advise and support other companies and
organizations in every step of the process. Business consulting includes also innovation management, technology transfer and
exploitation (including market analysis, patenting, licensing, etc.).

SIDROCO Holdings Ltd

SIDROCO Holdings Ltd (SID) is a creative SME focusing on Research, Development and Inspiration. SIDROCO brings a whole range of New Generation Internet of Things (NG-IoT) features and capabilities, for creating, supporting, and managing ultra innovative solutions, products, and services, by providing efficient, effective, and secure NG-IoT solutions for various heterogeneous environments, including Critical Infrastructures like Energy, Healthcare, and Autonomous Driving. SID designs, develops and implements novel and innovative products, frameworks and tools. Together with these innovative solutions, SID also supports techno-economic analysis, business models and advanced market analysis using brand reputation tools. SID is able to support a variety of research solutions and integrated products in multiple domains such as network and system security, modelling and simulation, optimization, visualization, machine learning solutions, risk analysis and assessment, market analysis and business modeling. SID supports smart farming solutions, including designing smart sensor networks, developing machine learning algorithms, and drone-based precision agriculture infrastructures. Also, SID develops and integrates smart honeypots for attracting and capturing attack traces and logs, while it develops a penetration testing suite for providing a detailed security and privacy analysis in any environment.

Hailos Agrofarm Ltd

In Cyprus, the activity of Hailos Agrofarm Limited is the cultivation of unprocessed agricultural products (e.g., wheat, potatoes, watermelons and other vegetables). Mr. Michalis Hailos one of the founding shareholders and his wife Mrs. Stavroula Hailos have been involved in the agriculture for over 50 years, and the last 40 years they are activated in the area of Kivisili (between the villages of Mazotos and Kiti). They are professional farmers dealing with the day-to-day business of the farm and receive great respect with the local community and fellow farmers. Both of them have applied innovative solution in their cultivations, which have been adopted by fellow farmers and appraised by the local authorities. Preparing for the succession, Mr. Ioannis Ioannou, Mechanical Engineer, National Technical University of Athens has taken over the management of the farm. The personal participation of the owners in the daily and organizational activities, guides and encourages all the members of the staff to maximize their performance, in order to produce the best possible products. The company follows the traditional ways of producing healthy local products, following of course the modern technology. The cooperation with TUV proves the effort we make to follow the modern ways of production, but first of all, safe production in order to be fully harmonized with the European regulations of quality assurance and hygiene.